Land Remediation and Restoration

BAP Equipment Ltd is a supplier of instruments to the forestry, surveying, geology and engineering industries in Canada and the USA. Our products include such items as flagging tape, Nelson tree marking paint, compasses, increment borers, GPS, tree planting equipment, safety equipment and much more.

City Fredericton
Province Alberta

Founded in 2005, Responsible Forestry Solutions (RFS) is a Canadian-based company with a global vision of Responsible Forestry. RFS is a solutions-oriented consulting firm, driven by a mission to promote environmental conservation and the generation of social and economic benefits through the responsible use of natural resources.

City Toronto
Province Ontario

As a 100% Haida-owned forestry company, we’re committed to maintaining the cultural and spiritual traditions of Haida citizens. The ancient forests of Xaayda Gwaay.yaay  Haida Gwaii – western red cedar, sitka spruce, yellow cedar, and hemlock – are part of our culture and need to be respected and managed for future generations. Taan Forest’s mandate is to ensure Haida values are honoured, that our forests are harvested sustainably, cultural sites are maintained, and natural habitats protected.

City Skidegate
Province British Columbia

Thunderhouse specializes in forestry consulting, forest management, site prep, forest inventory, slash pile burning & prescribed burning, boundary marking, surveys and assessments, pre-commercial thinning, tending and tree planting.

City Hearst
Province ON